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Escape to the outdoors with exceptional ride and traction. With a broad range of utility and performance ATV/UTV tires, we prove that terrain is no match for an aggressively, smooth ride.
Best Used For: Intermediate Surfaces,Mud,SxS,Soft Surfaces,Utility Vehicles

Equipped with a unique tread design for increased traction and control, the Black Rock M/S tire dominates in the mud and snow. With its formulated “mud spikes” and V-shaped dimples, the Black Rock M/S tire maintains an incredibly smooth ride while dominating in loose, soft and muddy terrain.

Product Highlights:

  • Self-cleaning mud spikes
  • Hook-shaped tread to grab soft terrain
  • V-shaped dimples for heat control and reduced mud packing
  • Massive ½ inch tread depth for increased forward traction in muddy conditions
  • 6 ply rated
  • Soft to intermediate surfaces/mud

Part Number Sort OrderSKUSizePlyMounted Diameter (INCH)Mounted Width (INCH)Rated Load ()PSITread DepthWeight (POUND)Additional Information
999999996P022425x8.00-12 NHS624.80007.80003439 /3224.0000
999999996P022525x10.00-12 NHS625.00009.50003239 /3227.0000
999999996P024226x9.00-12 NHS626.00008.60003239 /3228.0000
999999996P024326x11.00-12 NHS626.700010.70003439 /3233.0000
999999996P024427x9.00-12 NHS626.60008.80003239 /3231.0000
999999996P024527x11.00-12 NHS627.500010.80003439 /3235.0000
999999996P024628x9.00-14NHS628.10008.50003239 /3232.0000
999999996P024728x11.00-14 NHS628.700010.90003439 /3235.0000
Part Number Sort OrderSKUSizePlyMounted Load Diameter (MILLIMETER)Mounted Width (MILLIMETER)Rated Load (KILOGRAM)PSITread DepthWeight (KILOGRAM)Additional Information
999999996P022425x8.00-12 NHS6629.9000198.1000462.7000343111.0000
999999996P022525x10.00-12 NHS6635.0000241.3000537.5000323113.0000
999999996P024226x9.00-12 NHS6660.4000218.4000530.7000323113.0000
999999996P024326x11.00-12 NHS6678.2000271.8000648.6000343115.0000
999999996P024427x9.00-12 NHS6675.6000223.5000557.9000323114.0000
999999996P024527x11.00-12 NHS6698.5000274.3000689.5000343116.0000
999999996P024728x11.00-14 NHS6729.0000276.9000712.1000343116.0000
NHS tires are Non-Highway Service Tires. “AT” tires are designed for ATV applications. “NHS” tires are designed for Utility Vehicle applications. † Indicates mounted diameter and mounted width
*NOTE: “AT” tires are STAR Rated. “NHS” tires are Ply Rated. (PR).
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