The Official Tire of the American Bass Anglers Tour

Team Carlisle

Since 2009, The Carlisle brand has been a proud sponsor of the American Bass Anglers (ABA). ABA is a committed organization that holds competitive bass fishing tournaments on the regional and national level. Through its mission to bring together bass fishing enthusiasts from around the country, ABA offers a sponsorship platform that allows the Carlisle brand to educate tournament attendees of tire safety and protection in the marine industry.

Our sponsored anglers hold a high level of professional fishing achievements from past tournaments and share a passion for the outdoors. Below you can find more information about our Carlisle brand anglers.

Joined Team Carlisle Tire: 2012

Hometown: Lebanon, TN

Why Carlisle Branded Tires? I’ve got more trust in Carlisle brand tires due to its name being around for years. Knock on wood, but I’ve never had a blowout with a Carlisle brand product while pulling my boat. Through all that rigorous testing that the manufacturing plant does on the tires, it gives me confidence knowing that I’ll get to the lake with no issues. 

Why do I fish? I’ve fished all my life. My mom and dad got me into it back in the early 70’s. I’m very competitive, but I’m limited on my physical activity. After serving four years at the 101st airborne division at Fort Campbell, KY., I channeled my competitive personality to fishing. It’s very addictive, and I have a blast doing it. 

Joined Team Carlisle Tire: 2012

Hometown: Terrell, TX

Why Carlisle Branded Tires? I have had problems in the past with tires that would not hold up very well. Even a few new tires that came on a new boat would develop problems. Since I have been using Carlisle Brand tires, I have not had one tire failure of any kind

Why do I fish? Fishing for fun, and fishing in a tournament brings me different kinds of enjoyment.

Fishing for fun is relaxing, a great way to spend some time with someone and an opportunity to get away from our fast paced lives. It also gives me the time to play with techniques and become more proficient in using them.

Fishing in a tournament situation is completely different. I enjoy the competition and the thrill of figuring things out within a limited timeframe. Going out when the weather is bad only to realize it's one of the best days you have ever had on the water is an awesome feeling. Winning is satisfying and leads you to want more action. It is definitely an addicting sport.

Joined Team Carlisle Tire: 2014

Hometown: Mt. Juliet, TN

Why Carlisle Branded Tires? I trust Carlisle Brand Tires because when I hook up my boat and hit the road at 3:00AM for a practice day, I never have to worry about my tires letting me down. I have run Carlisle Brand Tires for years on my boat trailers as well as utility trailers. I can honestly say that I have never had a single issue. They wear well, provide a smooth ride, and last forever. Carlisle Brand Tires are simply the best equipment for protecting my time on the road and on the water.

Why do I fish? I like fishing because I love the outdoors. Mother Nature is beautiful, unpredictable, and constantly changing. No two days on the water are identical. I love solving the puzzle of what makes fish bite. Even when I figure out how to catch some, I am always trying to discover better ways to catch more and bigger bass.