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Escape to the outdoors with exceptional ride and traction. With a broad range of utility and performance ATV/UTV tires, we prove that terrain is no match for an aggressively, smooth ride.
Carlisle AT 489ATV TireCarlisle AT 489 ATV Tread View


The AT489 tire is a popular original equipment replacement tire and strikes a great balance between ...
Carlisle PaveMaster Right Angle ViewCarlisle PaveMaster Tread View


The PaveMaster is designed for UTV/SxS vehicles, running often on hard-packed surfaces and paved roa...
Carlisle AT 489 II ATV TireCarlisle AT 489 II ATV Tire Tread

AT489 II

The AT489 II tire is the next generation of the original AT489. It features dependable performance f...
Carlisle Radial ATV TubeCarlisle Radial ATV Tube

ATV Tubes

Radial ATV Tube
Carlisle AT 489 XL Front ATV TireCarlisle AT 489 XL ATV Tire Tread

AT489 XL

The AT489 XL tire is the heavy duty version of the original AT 489. It is an excellent choice for in...
Carlisle Trail Wolf ATV TireCarlisle Trail Wolf ATV Tire Tread

Trail Wolf®

The Trail Wolf tire features a deep, wrap-around tread that promotes forward traction while minimizi...
Carlisle Trail Pro ATV TireCarlisle Trail Pro ATV Tire Tread

Trail Pro®

The Trail Pro tire is a lightweight, versatile tire that is constructed for better shock absorption ...
Carlisle A-C-T ATV TireCarlisle A-C-T ATV Tire Tread


The A-C-T tire features advanced radial construction to absorb trail hazards and ride disturbances. ...
Carlisle A-C-T HD ATV TireCarlisle A-C-T HD ATV Tire Tread


The A-C-T HD tire is a 6 ply rated radial tire with higher pressure, load capacities and larger size...
Carlisle Stryker ATV TireCarlisle Stryker ATV Tire Tread


The Stryker tire features a unique offset chevron pattern that is self-cleaning with great performan...
Carlisle Terrathon ATV TireCarlisle Terrathon ATV Tire Tread


The Terrathon tire offers a versatile all terrain, non-directional tread pattern that executes outst...
Carlisle Brand Tires Work Mate® Right Angle ViewCarlisle Brand Tires Work Mate® Tread View

Work Mate®

The Carlisle Work Mate offers the perfect balance of traction, stability, and control for your utili...
Carlisle Badlands A/R ATV TireCarlisle Badlands A/R ATV Tread View

Badlands A/R

Badlands A/R is a rugged ATV tire featuring a 3 ply radial construction with a V-shaped tread patter...
Carlisle Badland XTR ATV TireCarlisle Badland XTR ATV Tread

Badlands XTR

The Badlands XTR radial tire absorbs trail hazards with its rugged design.  It provides the ult...
Carlisle Black Rock ATV TireCarlisle Black Rock ATV Tire Tread

Black Rock®

Designed to balance ride quality with an aggressive ¾ inch tread depth, the Black Rock tire is buil...
Carlisle PXT2 All Purpose ATV TireCarlisle PXT2 All Purpose ATV Tire Tread


6 ply rated, non-directional all-purpose atv tire.
Carlisle Black Rock M/S ATV UTV TireCarlisle Black Rock M/S ATV UTV Tire Tread

Black Rock® M/S

Equipped with a unique tread design for increased traction and control, the Black Rock M/S tire domi...
Carlisle Versa Trail XTR ATV UTV TireCarlisle Versa Trail ATR ATV UTV Tire Tread

Versa Trail® Series

The Versa Trail series is an all-purpose, radial tire that increases terrain versatility and optimiz...
Carlisle Turf Tamer ATV TireCarlisle Turf Tamer ATV Tire Tread

Turf Tamer

With its lightweight construction, stiff sidewalls and hollowed-out lugs, the Turf Tamer tire provid...
Carlisle Trail Wolf Sport ATV Front TireCarlisle Trail Wolf Sport ATV Front Tire Tread

Trail Wolf® Sport

Designed with a sport-specific tread pattern, the Trail Wolf Sport tire is perfect for any cross-cou...
Carlisle All Trail ATV TireCarlisle All Trail ATV Tire Tread

All Trail®

The All Trail tires are specifically designed for use on hard surface conditions. The low, wide prof...
Carlisle All Trail II ATV TireCarlisle All Trail II ATV Tire Tread

All Trail® II

The All Trail II tires are specifically designed for use on hard surface conditions. The low, wide p...
Carlisle HD Field Trax ATV TireCarlisle HD Field Trax ATV Tire Tread

HD Field Trax

The HD Field Trax tire features a wide profile providing stability on hard-packed surfaces. With its...
Carlisle Knobby ATV TireCarlisle Knobby ATV Tire Tread


The Knobby tire offers a unique design available in solid or dimple tread pattern. The Knobby tire d...
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