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Built to be tough, our industrial tires are used in a variety of heavy-duty industrial applications. Engineered to reduce equipment downtime these are proven performers for material handling, forklifts, and airport ground support.
Best Used For: General Duty Skid Steer

Ground Force® 400 is a flat-free solid aperture skid steer tire that delivers superior traction and stability with zero down time. The unique tread compound prevents heat build up and vibration, resulting in a more comfortable ride on soft and hard surfaces. 

  • 3x service life of foam fill tires.
  • Solid construction for zero downtime from flats and punctures.
  • Aperture holes for a smooth ride.
  • High load carrying capacity.
  • Premium tread compound delivers excellent chunking, tear, and cut resistance.
  • De-mountable assemblies available in clip and lock ring versions.
  • Different wheel and assembly options available. Tire only upon request.

Part Number Sort OrderSKUSizePlyMounted Diameter (INCH)Mounted Width (INCH)Rim Width (INCH)Rated Load (POUND)PSITread DepthWeight (POUND)Additional Information
16X1706310-16.5 NHS1032.000010.20008.25004680.00007547 /3294.0000
26X1707312-16.5 NHS1433.800012.20009.75006800.00009047 /32115.0000
36X1721310-16.5 NHS1031.400010.40008.25004680.00007521 /3251.0000
46X1724312-16.5 NHS1232.700012.00009.75006320.00008025 /3272.0000
Part Number Sort OrderSKUSizePlyMounted Load Diameter (MILLIMETER)Mounted Width (MILLIMETER)Rim Width (MILLIMETER)Rated Load (KILOGRAM)PSITread DepthWeight (KILOGRAM)Additional Information
16X1706310-16.5 NHS10812.8000259.1000209.60002122.80007537.343.0000
26X1707312-16.5 NHS14858.5000309.9000247.70003084.40009037.352.0000
36X1721310-16.5 NHS10797.6000264.2000209.60002122.80007516.723.0000
46X1724312-16.5 NHS12830.6000304.8000247.70002866.70008019.833.0000
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